Three Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump

When you are driving on the busy streets of Kent, that's certainly not the time that you want your fuel pump to go out. Fuel pumps can malfunction and cause stalling right away, but they often signal that they are malfunctioning before the final collapse.

One symptom of a fuel pump problem is decreased gas mileage. If you notice a significant drop in fuel economy, you should get your fuel system checked. Another fuel pump malfunction symptom is a loss of power when you vehicle is under a load. The pump is not able to compensate for added weight. The ultimate sign is that your car will not start. You will have to have your vehicle towed to the shop.

When you suspect a fuel pump or fuel system issue, contact Klaben Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. The service center can run a diagnostic, determine the exact problem and repair your vehicle in an efficient manner.

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