How Do Brake Pads Move So Quickly?

Driving a car is heavily dependent upon brakes for the safety of all motorists. A key part of the braking mechanisms found on all vehicles today are the brake pads itself. But how do they manage to slow the car down so quickly?

The force that is generated by pressing down on the brake pedal is not enough to stop all four wheels on an automobile. As the foot comes down, brake pistons move into a small cylindrical area that is filled with hydraulic fluid. The pressure then forces the hydraulic fluid into another pipe that quickly feeds into yet another chamber that is wider, causing another piston to move with great force. This force causes the brake pads to grip the brake discs which creates friction between both forces, slowing the car down until it comes to a complete stop.

Proper maintenance on the brake pads should be held to the same level of importance and consistency as getting a routine oil change. Don't let the daily commutes around Kent become risker from having faulty brake pads. Visit Klaben Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram for a quick service on your brakes when you are out on the road!

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