Tire Sensor

These days there are so many great technological features that come part of new vehicles. You have safety features all over the place and if something goes wrong with your vehicle then you are usually alerted immediately on your dashboard.

On each of your tires on your vehicle (as well as the spare in some instances) you will find a tire pressure sensor. This sensor is designed to monitor the level of pressure inside of your tires and let you know if something is wrong. It could be that the air is too low in your tires, too high or there could be damage that has occurred to your tires or to the sensors themselves.

Unfortunately, just like any other piece of technology, sensors on your tires can malfunction. Don't assume this is what is happening if your sensor goes off. Bring your vehicle in to our service center at Klaben Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram so we can take a look at it.

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