Commuting Has Never Been Easier Than with the New Jeep Grand Cherokee!

The Jeep Grand Cherokee makes a popular daily driver for those who are on the freeway for a commute to work. The safety features in this Jeep make it easier to stay in your lane and avoid potential accidents.

LaneSense is a safety feature in the Grand Cherokee that will alert you if your blinker is not on and your vehicle drifts out of your intended lane. It will even correct the vehicle after the alert! This feature is a great way to keep you focused on the road.

There is a forward collision warning system in the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you get too close or it detects a potential collision ahead of your SUV, the system will alert you. If you do not brake, it will put the brakes on for you.

There are many more safety features that make this a reliable SUV. Our sales staff at Klaben Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Kent, OH is happy to answer your questions and get you into a test drive today!

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